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The Situation is at HAND

Alright peoples, here's the information you need on my art and how we do.
Image heavy behind teh cuts!

Art For Sale

All my art is for sale, directly from me. No middle men, just you, me, Paypal, the post office, possibly JEESUS. I will update this section periodically with new samples of the art on sale at my site,

Special Guest Penciller (Link and Zelda):

Special Guest Colorist:


Can you draw for me?
Sure I can! My rate for sketches are 5$ per character. These are pretty quick and gritty. For finished, clean pencils, it's 25$ per character, and backgrounds are extra. I charge 50$ extra for colors, any style. Except for digital paints. That is extra. A typical commission goes like this:

*2 characters interacting somehow

So that's 100$.

I'm fairly quick on my commissions, with a 1-2 day turnaround from when I get the Paypal confirmation. I'm not adverse to redos, but only if it's my fault (like I screwed up somehow). If you keep making changes because you can't make up your mind, I have a 3 strikes rule: 3 changes, and then I start charging per fix.

Can you draw for me...............for free?
Sure I can! Do you have a job? What do you do? Sell cars? Well, can I have a free car? Oh, you flip burgers? Well, can I have some free food?
Not so fun when it's coming from the other end, is it now?

Will you send me the original?
Sure I will! As far as I'm concerned, once you commission it, it's yours to do with as you please! You just have to let me know beforehand that you want the original, pay for the shipping, and possibly pay a small parting fee if the work is really intricate and detailed.

Will you draw me PORN?
Sure I will! Take my fees up there, and multiply them by 3. That's the "porn tax."

Will you an art trade with me?
Sure I will! My favorite characters are Andrew Jackson and Benjamin Franklin. I'll trade you my art for portraits of them.
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