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Hot Imports

My current gig right now is designing custom cars for M & J Productions. Part of said gig was to do some graphic design work for some banners for the parent company, Magden. The cars I've designed are going through the approval process from their respective manufacturers (Pontiac, Mustang, and Lincoln) right now, so those haven't been made yet.

Anyway, back on point. The banners I designed were used at a show in Pomona, "Hot Import Nights." Now, I'm not a big car person, but due to the nature of the work, I need to go research other car designs. It is imperative to do this if you want to keep up with other designers/stay cutting edge....

...that, and >I< get in free.

You'll have to excuse some of the shots of the cars, they're intended for reference, not artistic dynamics.

And away we go....

One of the banners I worked on.

Same one, different part of the booth.

Different banner.

Inside banners.

Here's one I thought looked sorta nifty.

"Excuse me, sir? Some nefarious fiend has dented holes in your car hood! What is that you say? They're supposed to be there? Well...carry on then."

I couldn't find any napkins for my hot dog. Here's why: they're wearing them.

See all that shit in there? I have no idea what any of it does. And I'm design these things.

The dragon makes the car go faster.

Ok, here was a real problem I had. I like titties as much as the next guy, but I was here to take pictures of cars for reference in my work. But every time I would prep the camera, women would just flock in front of the damn car and pose by it. "Excuse me, ladies, can you move?"

All in all, the is a total assault on the damn senses. Way too loud music, and way too much carbon in the air. Also, import ladies selling posters/stickers/whatever? Show graphic designers some respect/lots of love/free titty shows. We make you look way better in print/media then you could ever look in real life.

Photoshop is my friend and makes you hot.

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