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Alright everyone. Yesterday, was my birthday; turned 22 years old, I did. It's been a crazy couple of years for me. My life was flipped on it's head more times than I care to remember. People come and go, drama rises and falls, but what has always stayed consistent with me is the art. Let us now take a look at the progress we've made, shall we?

Usually, people start with the past and show the evolution towards the future. Not me, I'm going from the now and go backwards, because it's funnier that way.

Warning: This shit is painful to look at. Seriously, I cringe when I look at this stuff. Also, graphic INTENSE. Lotta pictures here folks.

My pencil style was heavily influenced by Yoshiyuki Sadamoto, but since then I've included several more styles in my work (mostly from comics), such as Jim Lee. I render more heavily now, teaching myself volume and and lighting in the process.

My colors are influenced by Steve Firchow, although I bring in some elements from Christian Lichtner and Alex Sinclair.

I feel I need to take the time out here to thank Cedric Nocon (a miniscule body of his work, and just scratching the surface of his immense talent: link here)deeply for everything he's done for me. He took me off of the streets and gave me the tools and knowledge that I can never repay him enough for. Thank you Cedric, for being a teacher and most importantly a friend.

Although my most recent-RECENT stuff is still not showcaseable (until after Anime-Expo), here are some of the things I did in the past few weeks. Most of them are done in a matter of a day (lineart and colors). These are mostly to practice my cuts and coloring.

Now that that's out of the way, let's get into the fun stuff. Hold on to your sense of aesthetics, cuz they're about to get violated in a big way.

******6 MONTHS AGO*******

A coloring practice I did on a cheap B/W comic I got for a quarter. As shoddy as the lineart is, it was pure B/W inks that was only 25 cents, and it was open enough to really practice my skills. Here, I'm getting better with my rendering and doing better with my cuts, as well as my color theory. Notice that the red on the Lizards is the same red as the Michael Jackson leather jackets, and so is the purple. I probably should have done something with the monitors to make them stand apart from the girl telling the stories, but 20/20 hindsight, right?

The perspective on this is horrendous. This was my first successful merger of comic style rendering/colors with the anime style pencils. Worked with textures a little on this one, would be the proving ground for future texture works. Depth starts becomming a noticable problem around here.

Nothing really special here. Practicing a bit more with textures, and my first successful Three Point Perspective piece. Just thank God the characters are flying otherwise it would look weird (aside from the 2 windowed building). FUN TRIVIA: I fucking flipped Spider-man's hand the wrong way on this one. In the colors, I fixed it, but because it's inked the wrong way, this work isn't in my portfolio (dumb buildings aside).

******ONE YEAR AGO*******

This one was for Anime-Expo art show 2005. Still trying to figure cuts on anime faces, but I was kinda getting it at this point. Rendering/cut placement is still kind of bad (but not random anymore). Perspective is still horrible, but the colors had strength. Having trouble with my color scheme too.

With this work, I cracked the "Firchow code." The combination of settings that created an effect/look that mimicked that of colorist Steve Firchow. It's still a little rough in this point and time (and I'm fucking addicted to color-dodge mode), but mostly because I couldn't figure out how to do cuts on anime-style faces (this was one of the first times I applied comic style colors to my OWN art. Still a lot to learn. Like, perspective and such. This was also one of the last works that Nick inked for me (I was afraid to let him again for awhile, because he mistook one X (for black) too many. This was also the last piece that I did on 9x12 paper.

Fuuuuck, I sure loved blue. HEre, I nailed the idea of color harmony, but my cuts look like crap (and holy shit everyone is shiny). AND LETTERING IN PHOTOSHOP? SHAME ON YOU PETER, SHAME ON YOU.

But it's in this work that my art really started to take off in the right direction. Gotta thank Cedric for that.


The Pre-Professional days.....

Holy fuck....uh....super dark colors. I wasn't even doing cuts back then, it was a technique I called "Cell-grad." Which was cell style with gradients. To the untrained eye, it's kinda cuts. Just...not. Lessee....random glints? Light sources that go nowhere? On the bright side, it looks like it's night time. And how about the blaster effect up top? The predators look cool, right? RIGHT? Oh man, look at those high beams.....AND THE SHIP IS PARKED ON ONE LEG!!!!!!

More Cel-grad here. Oh jeez, volume in the rendering, and I'm not even gonna get into the drawing itself.

Well, just one thing about the drawing: I moved Nadia so that her hand is covered by the boot, because fuck, that hand looks like shit.

This one is not too bad. Lots of glowy-ness and cool effects (cept for the random glints everywhere). But hey! Cast light! And I dunno wtf that is behind the dragon's head but it's not a neck, thats for sure waitaminute O SHI-


Background is a part of my house filtered to all hell, and google search Hong Kong city background and WTF IS WRONG WITH HIS FACE!!!!!!!!

GOD DAMMIT, WTF IS WRONG WITH ME. One of my earliest experiments with Cel-Grad, which would eventually turn into cuts. This is off of Nick's inks/pencils. Holy shit the background sucks. Around this period of time, I barely had a clue as to what I was doing in Photoshop.

Ah, I actually still like this one. It was the last work I did before I got my tablet (so it's entirely mouse colored). Word to aspiring artists, don't use black to shade. This is why.

This one is sorta cool. Can't tell that it's a mirror though. In this stage of my art, I was addicted to putting song lyrics in my artwork (fucking emo, I know). I'm still using jpegs for backgrounds though, but I thought at the time that I filtered enough so that it wasn't so obvious. I mean, the background doesn't look too bad...





Oh Christ, the Resident Evil poster. What was once my most ambitious project is now a curse that never stops haunting me. This one has countless favs on DeviantART, BUT JUST LOOK AT IT. EVERYONE LOOKS SO UGLY. JPEG FOR A BACKGROUND. THE LOGO IS JUST SKEWED. THE FONT IS JUST IMPACT. EVERYONE HAS THE SAME SKIN COLOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's getting harder and harder to look at the screen at this point. Just, just keep moving along.

............You've been patient, but the one piece you've been waiting for is here......

And now, the dark, dark secret. The one that only now, I allow to go out to once again see the light of day. If there was any single piece of art that you wanted to blackmail me with as a professional, this would be that piece. There is a reason why I didn't sign this one, and you're about to see why.

The legendary....LEGENDARY.......lost Resident Evil 2 fanart.

You've been warned.......

........just building up more tension...........


This has to be the absolute worst thing I've ever done in Photoshop. Even the works that come BEFORE this one are better. The more I covered up the work with black, the better it looked, until finally you couldn't even see it anymore. Want to see it without the black?

FUCK. Just........CHRIST.

And just because I already shot myself in the foot, here, with the black shading:

Et tu, anatomy Claire.

And that's it! I hope you got a laugh out of this, cuz I'm gonna be in the shower trying to wash the dirt that just won't come off. Later!

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